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Total 3 is a concept I have developed to address the complete human being. True health comes in 3’s, body, mind, and spirit and through  Total 3, I will provide you with information and resources to help you increase the energy in your daily life by implementing simple techniques and practices into your daily life. This is why Total 3 is apart of my Life With A Twist family because we aim to take our everyday lives and turn them into extraordinary experiences with healthy and vibrant energy, body, mind, and spirit.

Psychology Corner

Personal Excellence by Donyelle Franklin

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“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential….these are the keys to unlock the door to personal excellence”


Personal excellence: defined separately, “personal” is synonymous with “individual”. Excellence is defined according to Webster as the state of excelling, quality. When placed together “personal excellence” is synonymous with individual quality.

What is your individual quality? What is that special something that makes you stand out in a crowd or even stand alone when the crowd is gone?

We look at ourselves and we look at others and we criticize all that we see and hear about the problems of society, and the problems of the new generation, and the problems that plague the planet. The answer to all of the above is not resolved in stating the problem over and over again, the solution lies within us as individuals. As individuals, we have ceased to live up to or even set standards and goals for ourselves; not our careers or for the future, but for ourselves as individuals.

As a mother of 4, I teach my children to set personal standards and goals for themselves. There has to be an imaginary line in your heart and mind that is drawn. This line is never to be crossed. I tell them to figure out what makes you hold your head up high as a person, that thing that makes you want to stick your chest out and shout out your name so that everyone knows who you are and where you came from with no shame nor blame. Anything that makes you feel less than that, is not worth your efforts. That line is your personal excellence, your individual quality.

We cannot set that type of standard for others, hence the word individual, but if we set that standard for ourselves, then we have made our mark upon society. Now others will see you and want to be like you. Others will be raised up by you and will imitate you. Others will be curious about you and want to hear your story, then they will remember you and tell others about you. This behavior becomes contagious.

We cannot blame society for its problems. We are society. Its condition is our fault as a whole. If we return to setting standards for ourselves as individuals, and teach our children to find and live up to their individual quality/ personal excellence, for they are our future, the world will follow.

Imagine if everyone lived up to their personal excellence, and we all did our very very best to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and accept their repercussions. What a world it would be!

That world would be our fault as well.

Feeling Tons Better!! Body Balance

Body Balance is a product that was gifted to me by my friend, Tcha LaPlaca, Quantum Energy medicine practitioner and Wellness Intuitive out in Boulder, Co.

I was feeling really overwhelmed and depleted last week, and although I try to eat healthily, like a lot of people, I still don’t know how to make sure that I am getting all the nutrients I need. I was not only feeling a bit tired, also irritable and feeling like each task was climbing a mountain.

Tcha sent me the Body Balance on Monday and by Wednesday, I was feeling so much more energetic in every way. I was getting my work done, feeling bubbly, and thinking a whole lot more clearly.

It’s been almost a week and I am writing down my progress in my gratitude journal and I will keep you posted about how I’m feeling. As women, we sometimes think that feeling great is a luxury, but it’s not, it’s our Divine birthright.

Unlike Tcha, I am not an energy healer or medical intuitive or in that profession at all, so I don’t know everything about Body Balance and why it has helped me so quickly, I only know how to say how I feel.

If you’d like to know more details, I am learning about it as I go along from Tcha, and she can be contacted at or read some info on her website at

It’s been a great experience this week having the energy that I need to feel better about myself and to be able to do the things I need and want to do, with more enthusiasm. I wish the same for you.


L. Kimberly Smith

Spirit’s Support Can Show Up in All Kinds of Ways
by Tcha LaPlaca, Quantum Energy Medicine Practitioner and Wellness Intuitive

When I began my Gluten Free Meetups with Shannon (captain of the SSPositive), my personal goal was to be able to run. Not jog or go for longer walks, I wanted the energy and stamina to RUN. So I placed the following photo on the site to assist me in visualizing myself running.

Yes, I’m one of those people who believe that everything is energy and by visualizing myself doing and enjoying whatever it is I’m intending to happen, it’ll manifest because I’m affording the energy to ‘understand’ how I want it to ‘form’ as outcome. And although I believe this, I don’t always follow through by consistently practicing my visualizations. Given this, I do my best to remember to ask for support. From who…anyone I can get it from. I begin high to low, beginning with GOD who in my mind is completely and unconditionally loving and lovable so why not ask IT to help. It’s funny though, I’ve learned to let go of how it shows up once I’ve prayed to GOD/SPIRIT.

For example, and this ties back to the ‘want to run’ scenario, a couple of months ago, my neighbor gave birth to a baby girl, healthy and happy this little one is. I offered to help mom by taking their dog Patches for walks daily. It started out with my daughter whose 10, and I walking Patches around the neighborhood. We got a decent workout but I noticed the dog was straining at the leash to experience more. One day I took him out to the back hill when kids occasionally ride their mountain bikes. I let him loose…Patches leaped, danced, sped, climbed ad frolicked all over that hill. Whenever I wanted him to come back, all I had to do was call him, and he’d rail back as fast as his immensely fast body would take him. After a couple of weeks of this, my neighbors thanked me because Patches became a new dog, more responsive and happy.

So here’s how it became support for me. With the help of Body Balance, the liquid, natural energy drink Spirit brought me, I now run with Patches almost everyday. RUN mind you, not jog or go for extended long walks (which is what I used to do). To be honest, even though I had new energy and vitality based on my gluten-free program, it took Patches to help me break out of walking routine into a full gallop because this dog is a black lab who loves to run and I love running with him.

Btw, Patches is all black with a white patch on his chest, just like the dog in the photo (and if truth be known, my hair color is closer to the gal in the photo than the blond that’s covering my grey)

How to Shake off the Blahs by Gary Bondurant, Law of Attraction Coach

Gary Bondurant, Law of Attraction Coach

Try this simple action that will easily nudge you closer to the Vortex…

When you’re feeling a little blah, maybe some ennui, when the coffee aint doin it for you find something to Appreciate!

Start with something easy like when I was walking to get my coffee. I thought, well I have 2 strong (and attractive I must say) legs that are getting me to that coffee, go me a nice head of hair (lots of guys my age can’t say that tee hee), well look at that big house and it’s nice trim color, how about that fine looking spring time flower, look at that bird over there, awwww what a cute dog…. get the idea?

By the time I got to the cafe I really wanted to keep walking and appreciating and appreciating myself for appreciating stuff that makes me appreciative. But I stopped in to appreciate some good coffee.

Remember: What you appreciate doesn’t need to be something super fantastic, incredible or even Spectacular Spectacular! You can easily move up the emotional scale with noticing the simple things.

Gary Bondurant for coaching for more inspiring posts for business opportunity

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