cocktail_drink_strawberry_241746_tnMy best friend tells me that I am super great at enjoying life while spending very little cash. And she’s right! It’s not because I am cheap or dislike spending money, it’s simply because it’s so much fun when you don’t have to.

So here are a few links and tricks to my posh living on a pauper’s budget. I hope you try some of them. Enjoy!

Visit for delicious deals around the globe on everything from summer clothing deals online to 30% off Mrs. Meyers environmentally safe cleaning products, which by the way, smell delicious!

When you sign up with Spirits companies like Patron, Johnny Walker, Guiness, and Captain Morgan, they notify you of complimentary tasting events in your area. It really works, I’ve been to many of them! My latest find is the Patron Social Club, which you can find at

Do Google searches for your area by typing in “free events Philadelphia or San Francisco, or wherever” You will find all sorts of websites and blogs that will give you a listing of fun free things to do or at least economical!

So get creative with your life, search and enjoy!!

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