L. Kimberly Smith is the founder of Twist Radio, a community of inspirational entrepreneurs who  are using their gifts and talents to inspire others to live their best lives. The Twist Radio family  supports each other’s businesses and projects by joining together in marketing and promoting  each other’s services.

L. Kimberly is a writer, blogger, Hay House book reviewer,  host of Life With A Twist radio show, the first podcast from Twist Radio, a social media virtual assistant, and an inspirational coach. She is finishing her first book due for release this summer 2010, called Sipping Wine with the Buddha; 9 Recipes to Connect with Your Spirit.  You will be able to purchase the pdf e-book version on this site soon.

L. Kimberly manages social media pages for small businesses and entrepreneurs, specializing in  Twitter and Facebook management. Kimberly is also, what she calls, an inspiration coach, teaching online group coaching classes and individual private sessions that get right to the point of your matter, assisting you with getting unstuck and becoming inspired to move towards the life you deserve.

You can contact L. Kimberly Smith for social media packages  at twistradioonline@gmail.com or for inspirational coaching sessions offered by donation, meaning that you can pay what you can afford, at TheLaserCoach@gmail.com.

Listen to Life With A Twist each Sunday at 4pm edt or listen to the archives at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/twistradio


2 Responses to “L.Kimberly Smith”

  1. al anderson Says:

    Wow! You Rock and Roll. I felt an incredible vibe from you when I was reading your posts in the Chat Room on my BTR program; “Ascending Way,” this afternoon. I don’t always pursue my guests after the program, but when I do I always get lucky and encounter someone of high calibre such as yourself.

    I’d love to network with you. I’m located in NYC, but I travel to lecture and experience new things. I’m totally committed to my wife, girlfriend, and life partner of 30+ years. I try to find the treasure in every moment and the Magick in every place. Please visit my website and I would be honored to network with you on biznik. If you are already a member please send me a friend invite and if not please use this link to join (and then send me a friend invite): http://biznik.com/join/albert-anderson

    Blessings and Bliss,


    • lkimberlysmith Says:

      Al, I apologize that I am responding so late. Since that post I have relocated from Philly to lovely West Palm Beach, Florida! So, I have been concentrating on that. I thank you for your beautiful comments and wanted to let you know that a new blog post is coming soon!



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