One of the main purposes of my life is to be a channel or a doorway for healthy, positive, and truthful information. Twist Radio and my show Life With A Twist, is one of the major ways that I am able to fulfill this dream. Through hosting this Blog Talk Radio show, I have had the opportunity to meet, showcase, and interview so many talented and inspiring people from every walk of life. I have learned something from all my guests and have been encouraged by their success and their personal victories. I cannot thank each and every one of them enough for how my life has expanded through knowing them.

Wellness Intuitive Tcha LaPlaca

I now have the opportunity to expand this purpose by creating a new version of Life With A Twist, called Life With A Twist – Healthy ‘n Free. Wellness Intuitive and Quantum Healer Tcha LaPlaca will be joining me once a month as a co-host to discuss mind, body, and spirit health, women’s health solutions, how to heal to be able to live the life we deserve, and much more.

Tcha and I are combining our two shows once a month to have a larger audience so that we can reach more people with what we feel is such valuable and empowering information. Tcha’s show Healthy ‘n Free is also on Blog Talk Radio.

The premier of LWAT – Healthy ‘n Free is October 24th at 4pm eastern. We will keep you updated here about our upcoming topics and discussions.

If you have a health question, feel that you may be suffering from gluten intolerance or other dietary issues, or simply feeling stuck in your life, Tcha will be educating all of us on how to cleanse, heal, and reconnect with our true nature so that we can begin to live the lives we dream of and deserve.

Our original Life With A Twist will remain on the other Sundays of the month at 4pm eastern with various awesome guests, and our Law of Attraction Tools series with my friend, producer, co-host, and Law of Attraction Coach, Gary Bondurant. Both Gary and Tcha are also contributors to this blog with their motivating and enlightening articles.

You can listen to Tcha LaPlaca’s Healthy ‘n Free at and Gary Bondurant’s Inclusive Universe at .

The Twist Radio Family appreciates our readers and listeners and will be offering more special offers and gifts to our audience to show our gratitude for your support and loyalty. Please stay tuned to the blog and our shows for fun and inspiring information.

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