Shaking off the Blahs with Gary Bondurant

August 31, 2010

How to Shake off the Blahs by Gary Bondurant, Law of Attraction Coach

Gary Bondurant, Law of Attraction Coach

Try this simple action that will easily nudge you closer to the Vortex…

When you’re feeling a little blah, maybe some ennui, when the coffee aint doin it for you find something to Appreciate!

Start with something easy like when I was walking to get my coffee. I thought, well I have 2 strong (and attractive I must say) legs that are getting me to that coffee, go me a nice head of hair (lots of guys my age can’t say that tee hee), well look at that big house and it’s nice trim color, how about that fine looking spring time flower, look at that bird over there, awwww what a cute dog…. get the idea?

By the time I got to the cafe I really wanted to keep walking and appreciating and appreciating myself for appreciating stuff that makes me appreciative. But I stopped in to appreciate some good coffee.

Remember: What you appreciate doesn’t need to be something super fantastic, incredible or even Spectacular Spectacular! You can easily move up the emotional scale with noticing the simple things.

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