Live from L.Kimberly Smith

August 8, 2010

Most people who know me well, know that I like to write. I have been writing poetry, short stories, and articles, most of my life. I do have a certain passion for writing but I think my deepest passion is simply expressing myself in any creative way possible. For the first time, I am admitting to the world and my friends, that I love to talk, even more than I love to write, although that may be less of a surprise than I think. There is something about verbal expression that ignites the fire within me. Listening to others speak and express themselves is quite intriguing to me as well. Because it’s never just about what someone says, but mainly about how they say it. I am one of those people who pays very close attention to tone and inflections when someone is speaking. The way we say something is far more truthful than the words we specifically use.

Since I’ve just exposed myself to be far more of a professional talker than a writer, I thought it was the perfect time for me to find the new WordPress blog by phone feature. What perfect timing for WordPress to offer such an innovative way of blogging, to their members. You will probably see many more updates from me about my life, my inspirations, and of course, my Twist Radio shows.

I decided to utilize the blog by phone feature to do segments called Live from L. Kimberly Smith! Hopefully they will be as fun and inspiring for you as they will be for me.

Please stay tuned to our new Events/Workshops page where you will find motivational workshops and tele-classes on all sorts of subjects from law of attraction, to group coaching, help for new entrepreneurs and job seekers and much more!

Stay tuned for my new Live from L. Kimberly Smith updates bringing whimsical wisdom to enhance your everyday life!



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