It’s been awhile since I’ve written a new post, and this time I have  a great excuse. Most of the wonderful people in cyberspace who follow me on Twitter, or are apart of my Blog Talk Radio family, know that I had been making plans to relocate from Philadelphia to South Florida. I was so open and relaxed with sharing this news because I believe that I am surrounded by loving and supportive people. I found out that I was correct in that assumption. Everyone who knew about my relocation adventure, sent me well wishes, comforting words, and called me courageous. I certainly haven’t done anything huge, like go to war, participate in the peace marches of the 60’s, or anything I consider truly courageous, but I have done something, and it’s called embracing change and releasing fear. I am learning to see the beauty of the different seasons of life.

I have wanted to live in a different state for a few years, but like most people, I had commitments to others that left me unable to make that decision. Over the last five years of my life, a lot has changed, not necessarily with my consent, as I like to say. Of course, looking back at it all, it served me well and brought forth my strength and creativity. I learned to look at most things, not all, with a neutral view, not calling it good or bad, it just was. That understanding brought me to a place in my life where I could find the joy and goodness in many circumstances.

Although, I have always been a person who has accepted change as a given, now I can truly say that I embrace change. Acceptance is a great beginning because to accept means that you don’t push against or deny what is happening.  Acceptance means that you are not pushing against the natural tide of your life. That is an amazing and courageous place to be, especially sometimes when you feel like you’re drowning. But what is so powerful to know, is that you can move even further into the experience of embracing change. When you embrace someone, you are not only showing them that in that moment you are accepting them, but you are showing them love, and what a beautiful love to be able to give to yourself and the flow of your own life. Through acceptance and love, you will begin to see all actions and circumstances from a different perspective. This is what allows you to release your fear. You begin to see that no matter what it physically looks like, all is well and you are accepted, supported, loved, and embraced by the Universe.

I am now a South Florida resident and enjoying where my fearlessness and high expectations have led me. I have met the people I expected to meet. They accept me, support me and embrace who I am. The love and acceptance I gave to myself and my life, comes back to me through my experiences. It is a miraculous journey, this life.

I have some new friends that I’ve recently met here in Florida and I’d like to share them with you, because their spirit, energy and talent has made me feel at home.

Allow the changes in your life, even those that seem to be happening without your consent, to bring you to new and exciting places.

The beautiful woman who helped me find my cute little tiny house here in this mystical seaside town of Lake Worth,  Florida, is Joy Freeman. She has so many gifts, I cannot list them all.  Joy truly believes that we can be healed and grow through art forms, such as singing, dancing, and much more. She has opened my world in many ways in a very  short period of time and become a great friend that I adore! Joy can be found at and please make her a friend on Facebook.

Please visit the new blog from Kalimba Love, inspiring and empowering. She is already someone I want to know when I’m old and gray,  Alicia Pierre’s blog highlights her concept of “collective inspiration” at  Alicia is brilliant and truly creative and makes me proud to be her friend.

Please follow Kalimba Love on Twitter @kalimba127 and Alicia Pierre on Twitter @AliciaPierre

I met another beautiful spirit who is named Murshida Va. She has introduced me to the mystical, passionate world of  kirtan singing and more than I can write about in this blog post. Her blog is , please follow her on Twitter @murshidava and she is also on Facebook as Murshida Va. I feel privileged to be in such company.

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Wishing much love, courage, acceptance, and fearlessnes to all my readers and friends.