Mary McManus: Poets Make the World Go Around

February 20, 2010

What I adore about the internet, is my exposure to so many different types of people and talents. The internet and the social networks offer all of us an opportunity to travel the world without leaving our computers. Though the internet offers us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, sometimes we are surprised by the treasures that lie in our own parts of the globe.

Mary McManus is one of those treasures in my life. I met Mary after my friend Gary in Oregon sent a link to me for a Blog Talk Radio show called, It’s All About You, in which Mary is the resident poet. I really resonated with this inspirational show and it was such a big plus, that on every episode they had this woman, this poet, who had such an amazing story combined with such a tender voice.

Since that time, Mary McManus, has become a friend and a muse, inspiring me to continue in my creative pursuits and more importantly, inspiring me to live my entire life to its fullest.

I will be writing more about Mary McManus and her enlightening and inspiring life story on this blog, but for now, I wanted to highlight a poem she wrote for me, her friends Darien Marshall and Darius Jones, and for all of those who realize that you can have fun and still be Divine.

You can reach Mary and enjoy more of her creativity at and she is the co-host of City Enlightenment on Blog Talk Radio at with Darien Marshall.

Thank you Mary!

You can purchase Mary’s first book New World Greetings on her website. The picture below will take you there! And Mary gives 20% of the proceeds to Spaulding Rehab’s Polio Fund

Click Here for New World Greetings

Happy Hour Gratitude
by Poet Mary McManus

A gathering, a city bar, the sun sets in the sky
Preparing for the evening as dusk is drawing nigh.
Celebrate the day’s events with friends, a glass of wine
Savoring the moments now blessed by love Divine.
In fellowship, the challenges, their purpose now made clear
The joys are shared and multiplied a toast, triumphant cheer.
Happy hour gratitude Spirits overflow
Attentive conversations dreams of future seeds to sow.


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