JG Events: Inspiring Us to Entertain

January 9, 2010

Every once in a while, a business is inspiring enough to become my muse. Everyday life can easily become mundane and monotonous if we are not creative enough to take it all to a new level. Many of my fondest memories are from times spent entertaining family and friends with cocktails, wine, and music. JG Events is my latest creative entertaining muse, inspiring me to go back to those times when socializing was a priority and entertaining was an art.

JG Events, currently located in the Washington, DC area, is a premier events and bartending services company, specializing in providing your event with professional bartenders and amazing flair bartenders who are skilled enough to make a delectable cosmopolitan and toss a few bottles in the air gracefully, all at the same time. The company also provides live music entertainment from traditional jazz, reggae, r & b bands, to classical and hip-hop music. It doesn’t matter what ambiance you choose to create, JG Events has the music, drinks and entertainment, to compliment it.

Professional cocktail mixologist and entrepreneur, Julian Green, is the modern creative mind behind JG Events. Julian is bringing his unique style of living and entertaining to the masses, through his event services company. After being trained and working as a professional bartender, Julian decided to combine his talent for creating high-end cocktails, his intimate knowledge of the DC social scene and his entrepreneurial drive, to create a company that would help others take their party experience to new heights.

Those of you who follow this blog regularly, know that my passion is highlighting people who are actively creating their dreams and manifesting their desires. JG Events fits that design, with its personalized and innovative way of designing a party and Julian’s way of being a fearless young entrepreneur during a time when we are not necessarily encouraged to take chances and follow our dreams. I love JG Events because I believe that people are feeling a pull to get back to a time of enjoying each others’ company and having fun in life. After all is done, these are the times in our lives that create long lasting memories.

Anyone can add a bit of style and spice to their event, large or small, by contacting JG Events and letting them know what type of atmosphere you’re trying to create. Julian and his staff are enthusiastic about meeting your needs and if you’re daring enough, they can throw in a flair bartender or two, to shake things up.

You can contact Julian and JG Events at JGEvents@JGEventsOnline.com or simply call 240-330-2547. As JG Events expands, its website is expanding as well, but you can still visit their website during its redesign, at http://www.JGEventsOnline.com.

Please follow JG Events owner Julian Green on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/juliansplanet for motivational tweets and updated information on JG Events. Julian will also be co-hosting on ‘Life with a Twist’ with yours truly, on Blog Talk Radio beginning February 3rd. He will be giving out cocktail recipes, entertaining tips and more. Remember to join us to get encouraged and inspired to entertain your family and friends again in a new and exciting way.


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