Charity Through Creativity

November 7, 2009


Many people on the planet at this present time are beginning to feel a shift in consciousness, a positive spiritual energy that is becoming more prevalent as the days go by. I am sure there are also people who feel disconnected and find themselves in dire straits. The other reality is that there are families without income losing their homes and parents who are finding it difficult to put food on the table. In many areas on our planet, it has always historically been challenging to survive. Children are the most precious victims who are affected by what seems to be a lack of necessary resources.

Alex Sebastian has done what a lot of business owners are doing now. He has combined his drive for creating successful businesses with his main passion in life, helping to feed, nurture and educate children around the world. Alex has a sincere belief that if children have the most basic needs provided and are able to be exposed to the rest of the world’s culture and opportunities, we will see many of them rise up to be successful and creative human beings with hope and purpose. He understands that if you are not aware of what is possible, you cannot dream.

That is where his internet business ecupids comes into play. Ecupids is an online dating and friendship website that invites its members to join for free to connect to find love, romance or just the pleasure of meeting people from all over the globe. Ecupids has a whole host of free services that it offers to its members, like free chat, video uploading, free blogs, the ability to upload music and more. So what does an online dating service have to do with feeding and educating children all over the world? Ecupids has a major goal and that is to become successful enough to open doors and provide the financial means to help his other business and foundation, Heis Kids, grow.

Heis Kids sells children’s t-shirts with adorable positive sayings on them to keep kids inspired and smiling. When you purchase a t-shirt from the Heis Kids website, a portion of the proceeds go to the Kids Foundation and the Out of the Streets Foundation. You don’t have to purchase a t-shirt to help support these wonderful children’s foundations, you can visit the website and donate what you can.

As for ecupids, the look of the website makes you feel like it’s Valentine’s Day everyday. By joining ecupids you are helping in a major way to build the foundation of Heis Kids. Even if you are not searching for love, it’s a great online venue to hang out, share music, chat, and make some new friends. We can all use a little fun in our lives, and it makes it all the better when it’s for a great cause.

You can visit ecupids at to take full advantage of the 100% free membership and enjoy all the membership perks. And while you’re there having fun, you can think about all the children that will benefit simply from your participation. Ecupids is a great example of charity through creativity, showing that we can all make a difference through our own creative efforts.



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