A Celebration of Choices

October 31, 2009


Sassy Black Woman

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If i can’t do
what i want to do
then my job is to not
do what i don’t want
to do…

Excerpt from the poem Choices by author/poet Nikki Giovanni (copied in Ms.Giovanni’s lowercase style of writing)

It is still surreal to me that as a woman at the age of 42, it was not so very long ago that women were granted the right to cast a political vote. It was already 1920 when women won the right to vote, for many of you that seems like ancient history, but when you think about how far back history goes, it is a fairly recent event.

I am African-American as well, and so I would not have benefited from that 1920 decision, it wasn’t until 1965 when most African-Americans in the Southern states were allowed to vote. My family is from South Carolina, so just a mere two years before my birth, simply because of my skin color, I would have been denied that opportunity. It is now history, but definitely not ancient.

But do not fear, this blog post is not about politics or race, it is about the celebration of having choices. I was speaking with a good friend not long ago and we were talking about how we both have this innate desire to be “every woman”. We don’t want to feel bound by past decisions or limited to doing only what others think we can do. We don’t even want to be limited by time or place. There is so much in this Universe that is exciting and creative that is available to us now, we want to experience and immerse ourselves into as much of it as our humanness can stand.

As a child, the very first vinyl record I bought was Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman”, back in 1978. I was turning eleven years old and that song inspired me for years afterwards, to be vivacious, strong, sexy, and powerful. I still feel that way when I sing it today. And maybe it’s Chaka’s fault that I now sometimes drive myself crazy wanting to do and be everything. But I love her for that. I used to gyrate my tiny hips and sing along as she sang the lyrics, “anything you want done baby, I’ll do it naturally!”

I am sure that my grandmother who grew up in the South so many years ago, wanted to be every woman, and she did whatever she could do despite the limitations that were placed upon her. She was a wife, a mother of six, a homemaker, and a working mother. She grew vegetables, cooked like nobody else can, was a good neighbor and a great friend to Mrs. Ginyard down the street. In her time and place, she was everything, that every woman could be. I know that she had dreams that were never spoken. And so now, I live and dream for her.

My mother was every woman to me. She was one of the most gentle women I have known, but she was resilient and no matter what happened to her, she always loved life and was determined to live it. Many times my mother spoke to me about her unfulfilled dreams, not in a sad way, but she wanted me to do what I wanted to do. She wanted me to feel free and unlimited and know that I deserved to be happy. She was my greatest cheerleader and she rallied behind all my ideas. She was not always a woman of many words, sometimes when I would talk about the things I wanted do, she would simply say, “Well, Kimmie, why don’t you just go ahead and do it!”

And so, this is a tribute to all women, who are doing what they must do, doing what they love to do, doing what they feel they have to do. You have choices now and they are ever expanding and your definition of what “every woman” is, can be your own individual truth. I celebrate all of us for wanting what we want, with joy and satisfaction.

“I’m Every Woman”
Singer Chaka Khan/Writers Nick Ashford & Valerie Simpson

I ain’t braggin’, ’cause I’m the one
You just ask me and ooooh it shall be done
And don’t bother to compare
‘Cause I’ve got it!
I’ve got it, I’ve got it, yeah!

Roberta and her sister Michelle

Roberta and her sister Michelle

Social networking sites like Twitter are amazing, not just because I like to share mundane things like what I bought at the farmer’s market, but because you can meet so many creative and gifted human beings.

My latest passion, which I found on Twitter, is a lot of luxury in a jar called Scrubz All-Natural Skin Care Products. This website had the two elements that will draw me towards any product, gorgeous colors and packaging and a wonderful cause. Roberta Perry, the founder of Scrubz did a great job of bringing these two elements together. Scrubz has an almost edible looking packaging and scrumptious pictures on the website that spark the appetite, but one of the first things you notice is that Scrubz gives back to the world. If you purchase any Scrubz products during the month of October, you not only have some delicious skin softening products for yourself or as gifts, but you will also be donating 25% of that purchase to the Komen Greater NYC for breast cancer awareness and cure. If you purchase the scent, Pink NYC (lavender/pear), 50% of your purchase goes to Komen NYC all year round! What a wonderful way to give a gift to yourself and a gift to the world.

Scrubz founder, Roberta Perry has an inspiring story of how she got the idea for Scrubz products. She was attending a weight loss meeting 8 years ago and the leader of the group asked the question, “Why is it that we take such good care of others and not very good care of ourselves?” This is a great question for everyone to answer, especially for women because we tend to feel the need to nurture others and place ourselves in the background. After making a promise to do something special for herself, Roberta went out and pampered herself by purchasing an expensive body scrub. This was the beginning of her passion for soft skin. Roberta explored a world of body scrubs until she discovered that the sugar scrubs were among her favorites. After her favorite scent was discontinued, Roberta decided to be creative and make it herself. This was in May of 2006.

Roberta’s sister Michelle encouraged her greatly to package and sell this product after sampling it for herself. She called Roberta and said “you have to sell this stuff…it’s amazing!” and then two days later came up with the perfect name, Scrubz.

This awesome Scrubz product, which was officially born in July of 2006, is the result of a lot of work and research and playing around with different formulas until the magic was created. And magic it is!

Scrubz products

I received my first bit of luxury in a jar, this week. It is a new seasonal scent for Scrubz called Fall Harvest. Fall Harvest is filled with an intoxicating aroma combination of sweet pomegranate mixed with tangy apple and luscious pear. As soon as I opened the outer package, the soft, but intense fragrance filled my bedroom. I was chatting with a friend at the time and told her about the product and its luxurious texture and magical fragrance. We both decided that this Scrubz experience was one to be put in my daily gratitude journal. I immediately stopped what I was doing, ran to the bathroom and began to use Scrubz on my arms and elbows and then realized that this all-natural, chemical free product was gentle enough to be used on my face! My arms, elbows, and face felt revitalized, soft and newly alive. I could instantly feel the difference in my skin.

Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest

I truly thank Roberta Perry for having the courage to start this business and use her creativity to develop this wonderful product. Scrubz products provide a simple accessible way to pamper yourself, take care of your skin, and give back to the world.

My intoxicatedly delicious Fall Harvest scrub is seasonal and is available through November, but there is an array of beautiful scents from which you can choose, definitely something for everyone. Sugar scrubs are also my favorite types of scrubs and this was one of the most natural and gentle scrubs I’ve come across. Obviously Roberta Perry knows what she’s doing and was meant to do this work, ironically her grandparent’s last name was Zucker which is German for sugar.

Scrubz is an all natural sugar based exfoliant/cleanser/pre-shave prep/shaving oil/moisturizer all in one. That’s a lot of work for one product to do, but believe me, it does it all extremely well. I encourage everyone to visit the Scrubz website to view all the new products from Scrubz, like the Oilz by Scrubz, which is an all-in-one moisturizer, massage oil, fragrance and additive for your bath water. Roberta Perry loves the all-in-one product and so do I.

Most of all I love the spirit of Scrubz and its founder Roberta Perry. She is keeping alive the idea that we can build businesses, make a living, and make a difference, which is the all-in-one dream that inspires many.

Contact Scrubz at:
Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc.
p:877 SCRUBZ 8
f: 877 SCRUBZ 2