The Authentic Bartending School of Maryland:A Recession Proof Career

September 15, 2009

In a pretty distressed economy almost every major industry has taken a huge hit. Consumers are fixing older cars to keep from purchasing new cars and certainly we've seen how the real estate market has been affected. Many companies, large and small, have had to lay-off workers to make ends meet.

There is one industry, however, that has managed to hold its own, and that's the bartending industry. I personally know of a dentist who could not afford to keep his practice open, so he signed up for bartending training to help pay his bills. If you're out of the loop, you might be wondering where to go to gain such a noble skill. If you’re in the beautiful Maryland, DC and Virginia area, a young business woman by the name of Minyanna Farmer has been the Director of The Authentic Bartending School of Maryland since 2005. At the age of 24, she desired to build a business that would train others to have a great skill that can either be a full-time career or a reliable skill to fall back on during tough times. It appears that she had the right idea.

Bartending or Mixology as its often called these days, is not just something your uncle does at the corner bar anymore. The art of Mixology has come a long way,with bartenders using high quality fresh ingredients and reinventing the old classics. The Authentic Bartending School of Maryland’s training program covers the making of every cocktail imaginable, plus they also provide safety, customer service, sales and other professional training needed to be a successful mixologist.
Bartender Pouring

One of the most popular reasons that most people are knocking down the doors to the school is their job placement program. This program assists students with the process of finding a job once they’ve completed their training and testing. At Authentic Bartending of Maryland, they take this very seriously. Director Minyanna Farmer knows that most of her students are there because they want to work in the industry and they want to make money to take care of themselves and feed their families. She has developed a job placement program with a hands-on spirit, guiding students in how to write effective resumes, providing mock interview sessions to teach them how to handle themselves during the interview process and most importantly, providing hot job leads from bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels, just to name a few. chose bartending as one of the top ten recession-proof careers and Ms. Farmer sees the evidence of that as all types of people are enrolling in her Mixology program, from the young hip twenty-somethings to layed-off professionals from various industries. The Authentic Bartending School of Maryland has a short 1or 2 week flexible class schedule and tuition fees that are perfect for a recession economy.

So if financial times are a little tight and you have a vibrant personality and a desire to learn a great trade, call the school and make an appointment to visit, before long you’ll be making sidecars and making money!

The Authentic Bartending School of Maryland
Director, Minyanna Farmer
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