Life Coaching By Design and By Donation

September 10, 2009

The whole world is inundated with the news of a bad economy and stress is high. I’ve struggled financially many times in my life until I began to understand the true meaning and essence of abundance. I also learned how to move myself into the Grace of the Universe. Once I began to expect abundance in every area of my life, I started to receive help from every corner of the Universe, through people, ideas and what I now call Divine coincidences.

During my most stressful financial days, I remember desiring to seek help for my life and nourishment for my spirit through professional sources. Many times I wanted tools and techniques that would assist me in career changes and personal challenges, but I couldn’t afford a life or career coach or any help for that matter. Thankfully people reached out to me and shared their wisdom and resources with me and I was able to change my life.

Although I am not one to dwell on the past, I do keep the memory in a proper place in my heart because that heart memory is what fuels my desire to serve others. I am a Law of Attraction based life and career coach whose eternal path is to listen, share and teach others how to design their lives the way they want them to be.

There is no shame in experiencing lack in any area of your life. Lack is an illusion and a misunderstanding of where abundance comes from. If you desire coaching for your life, career or both, I am here for you. I will provide coaching by design (specific to your needs) and by donation (whatever you can afford). You are welcomed to schedule a one-hour coaching session with me with no obligations to purchase any packages now or in the future. I have a spiritual calling to be apart of the uplifting of humanity by helping you to see that you deserve prosperity, abundance and the fulfillment of your dreams.

To schedule a coaching session by donation, please email Coaching sessions can be done via phone, email/chat, or preferably voice/instant message chat from Yahoo Messenger Beta Version 10. Yahoo Messenger is a free service, takes only minutes to download and provides a way to chat but to also make a free pc to pc voice call.

I look forward to helping anyone who feels led to use my services and I delight in sharing your spiritual path with you.

L.Kimberly Smith
Yahoo Messenger ID:LSnellSmith


2 Responses to “Life Coaching By Design and By Donation”

  1. How wonderful Kimberly!

    Will share with others….:-))

    Shine Your Light ~ Create Miracles & Magic!

    Suzanne Kincaid

    Author Financial Freedom On $1 A Day

    As more and more people begin to experience joyful, peaceful, abundant living, the barrier between countries, cultures and religious philosophies will simply melt away. ~ Bijan, Effortless Prosperity

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