Shameless Self-Promotion

August 31, 2009

Over the weekend I was visiting my friend Gary’s podcast on, (Law of Attraction for Investworks), a great informative show on how to use the Law of Attraction to assist you with creating financial abundance for yourself. Gary is also well-informed on many techniques that open you up to receiving your abundance, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) and Ho’Oponopono, which is, in short terms, a Hawaiian spiritual process of mental cleansing and forgiveness. He connects all these processes to another passion he has for making money through a process called Investworks.

While listening as a call-in guest of the show this past Saturday, I was able to meet a friend of Gary’s whose name is Suzanne and the three of us had an amazingly uplifting conversation about the abundance in our lives and all the things we were learning about ourselves through deliberately practicing the Law of Attraction and other spiritual practices.

I felt compelled to share with Gary and Suzanne that I am realizing that I find it very easy and fun to promote others’ work and projects but when it comes to my own work and my own business, I find it very difficult to do so. I have always been a natural marketer, even when I worked for others for so many years. When I was off from work, on my own time, I often talked about the businesses I worked for and spoke very highly of my bosses and the work they do or the products they sold. I was never paid for marketing, it is just natural for me to share good news with others and to speak highly of people I know that are doing great things.

Gary and Suzanne suggested to me that if I could get into the mindset of thinking about myself and my work as I do when I talk about a good friend, that I could convey the passion I feel for my own business and be able to market myself in a way that is true to who I am. I really love what I do for others because my clients tell me that they feel lighter and more free because of my services. I care about the goals and dreams of my clients and I care about my clients’ customers and the people they serve. And I think more people need to know that!

So, here goes a shameless, actually rather proud plug for myself and the work that I do. My company name is EarthFire Global and I have combined two passions; providing smaller businesses with virtual assistant services, such as administrative office work, virtual customer service, job counseling and placement services, letter writing, editing, email blasts and social media assistance, and I am also a life and career coach providing individuals with a Law of Attraction based coaching process that gives them the tools to keep moving forward towards their goals and dreams. My company also offers businesses motivational seminars for their staff. When I market my work, it is not just about gaining more income, I really want to help more people.

My passion is helping to make work loads lighter and lives more joyful. I think that’s a great thing. So, today, like I’ve done for so many others, I am happily and joyfully doing for myself, promoting my God-given gifts and my work. Now I feel lighter and more free!

L.Kimberly Smith
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Bronze woman avatarWaking up today from the most incredible nap, I heard a man on the television say, “My dad used to always tell me that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose”. I started pondering the idea of completely altering my thinking. I thought to myself, what if everything our loved ones told us doesn’t have to be our truth? After all, they are only saying it because they heard it over and over again and once you hear something over and over again, you begin to make it your truth. Once a thought becomes your truth, you cannot help but experience the evidence of it in your life.

So I played around with the saying, ”sometimes you win and sometimes you lose”. Is it possible that we are always winning, no matter what the circumstances around us appear to be, and is it possible that if we keep believing that we are winning, that those physical pieces of matter that we call our lives, will change as well?

Before anyone reading this post begins to think that I am too positive, that I have not experienced troubled times, or loss, let me tell you a little about my life. Most of my family is deceased. My parents are both gone, My mother and I were extremely close and her death was sudden. My grandparents are all gone as well. Most of my aunts and two uncles have long passed away, a few of my cousins have passed away in the last few years. In this physical lifetime, I have twice lost everything that I have had materially and started over. I am not sharing these stories to beat the drum of sorrow. I don’t have any sorrow. Are there people that I miss having in my life?, of course, but I am joyful and well. I have looked at events in my life as something to move me forward and as medicine for the healing of my spirit. I have never focused upon the loss, but instead felt so much gratitude for what I had already had the opportunity to experience with that human being.

My mother died quietly in her sleep on the night of her 59th birthday. That night we had the most fabulous time celebrating her 59th year. I took her to a beautiful tiny restaurant for the most amazing meal. We had the silkiest Pinot Noir wine that we had ever tasted. My mother and I had many great times together. We never shared an angry moment. So when my brother, crying on the phone, told me that she did not wake up, I went to his side and hers, and knelt down and thanked God that she had died the way that she lived, peacefully, joyfully and abundantly.

My mother’s sudden death, forced my brother to grow up and challenged me to begin to learn how to love myself the way that she loved me. I didn’t know how much she held me together and cheered me on until her physical presence was gone. It took me almost 3 years or more to become my own cheerleader. I learned to go within, where all power and unconditional love lives, and find it for myself. After my mother died, I realized how strong I actually was and I began to live my dreams fearlessly, because I knew that if I could live through the experience of her passing that I can live through anything and take the best from it.

So, you see, I am well-qualified to be a Pollyanna. I feel extremely fortunate to have the life I now live and I appreciate each moment of the past because it truly has brought me to this present. Nothing could have been left out. Everything is a piece of the puzzle that becomes us. So our perspective of our life events, means everything. Happiness and grief are both temporal. It is joy that is lasting and eternal.

I started thinking that if I choose to believe that I am always winning and if I believe it long enough, it will become my truth. So I choose my own saying today when I look at how all of the events of my life have brought me to this beautiful knowing and I say to myself, “Sometimes you win and sometimes you win”!

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ocean_water_orca_22541_lFor the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of emotional waves to deal with. I call them waves because they are not highs and lows or ups and downs, as we like to call them. I am grateful to the Universe, to my Source, to God, if you will, that my emotions don’t swing to those extremes anymore. Most of the time, I feel really good, really good. But I have surfed a few waves lately and it started me to thinking (dangerous for most of us), about what was going on inside of me that was causing all these unexpected events that caught me off guard.

I have a circle of great spiritual support in my life, my cousin and best friend Mo, my friend Kay in LA and all of my family from The Indigo Room, which is a community that came together through a desire to deliberately create our own reality. I try my best to keep in touch with this circle daily, in some way. This is why social media means so much to me, because I know what it can do. Twitter and Facebook make it possible for me to connect with like-minded individuals, which keeps my spiritual vibrations where I desire them to be.

My life is an open book. I don’t tell everything, but I do share a lot. It doesn’t bother me to tell my story. I realize that sharing my story is a part of my personal purpose. Exposure is not for everyone. But it comes naturally to me.

I talked about the waves of emotion, my fears, my concerns,and my doubts, recently to my friends Mo and Kay and they both inspired me through their individual words. Mo always confirms, that no matter how I may feel in a moment, that I am blessed. I know a lot of people use those words, but she says them with conviction and power. I was sharing with Kay my concerns about never having enough money. I asked her to share some of her insight with me about why I was having these fears. Out of nowhere or of course from somewhere inside, she touched upon the fact that I had mentioned this before. She said she felt that my fears came from the fact that I don’t feel safe. She realized that my issues were not just about money, but about the feeling that I was wanting to receive from having enough money. I want to feel safe. I want to feel that I am in safe hands, wrapped in safe arms, that nothing of importance can be taken away from me.

I meditated all evening and through the night on what Kay had said about my desire to feel safe. And I received so much clarity. I began to realize that I had never felt safe in all my life. I began to see that so many of my actions and reactions were because I didn’t feel protected. My mother was amazing. I can’t say that enough. She was love, but I was a little girl whose father and stepfather were not capable of providing such safety, such love that makes a girl feel that nothing in the world can touch her.

I then attempted to marry so that I could feel safe. But safety was not found there either. And so if not in those men, then where does my safety lie? And that answer would be, that it lies in me. My safety lies in the Eternal Me, the Goddess Me, the Divine Me. Everything we feel that we are lacking, we mistakenly look to other people and things to provide. How unfair to those people.

I am complete. I just need to remind myself. I just need to remember. I am safe. I am free. I am loved.

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